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Release date: January 24 PS4 , Xbox One , PC Life Is Strange 2 starts off on a ordinary afternoon, with two adolescent brothers who attempt to keep up with the minutiae of everyday life in Seattle, until a quick search for party supplies triggers a devastating series of events. That split second transition throws the brothers into a totally unexpected direction and the different "Roads" and "Rules" that follow show that Dontnod are committed to using human behavior and American politics to emphasize themes that flicker beyond Arcadia Bay.

Keeping spoilers to a minimum, the first two and a half episodes stand by their strengths -- stitching a beautiful narrative to your heart in hopes of hitting you where it hurts the most -- and with an updated engine and a flawless indie soundtrack that pulls from the likes of Whitney, First Aid Kit, and Sufjan Stevens, it's clear that there's no point in turning back.

Release date: July 19 Switch Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is the perfect afternoon snack: it's small, satisfying, and unbelievably addictive. It incorporates the series' post-Arkham, RPG lite mechanics with another original plot involving Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet but it swaps the over-the-top action for button mashing that echoes arcade cabinets.

It has missteps like other dungeon crawlers, but there's enough Marvel nerdom and superhero butts to keep you glued to your Switch. Their fixation with design and performance remains, but MK11 is more of a nostalgia-inducing romp than a modern classic.


Story mode is an earth-shattering John Woo soap opera; the fatalities are absurd and eye poppingly gorgeous; and its lessons on attacks, cancels, frame data, zoning, and character movesets help to create one of the best fighting game tutorial that gaming has ever seen. It's attached to the loot grind, but with old faces Liu Kang, Kitana , cult favorites Frost, Noob Saibot , and customization that digs into modular loadouts and 30 different pairs of specs for Johnny Cage, boredom in MK11 isn't an option.

It sets the bar for fighters and sequels with a budget, and it's a stunning thesis on how a studio can bring together tweens, veteran gamers, and SonicFoxes to shadow kick you in the neck. In it, you play through the lens of an artificial intelligence system, known as S. It's a point-and-click narrative that uses drone navigation and puzzle mechanics to keep your attention until a mystery practically crawls out of your ear, but the way No Code uses every retro scan line and hyper intricate exhibit of space architecture to emulate a TED Talk on machine intelligence and self awareness is what makes it an anomaly.

Nonetheless, the courtroom visual novel adventure game about rookie attorney Phoenix Wright who investigates and defends a string of strange cases, some dealing with the spiritual realm, has been one in spite of itself, extending into a trilogy and getting several platform re-releases and adaptations as manga and anime. Now, it's gotten an upgrade for modern platforms with fresh graphics and an updated UI.

Befitting of its weirdness, Phoenix Wright doesn't have the self-seriousness of many other games -- the earnesty of the early s dialogue reads as laden with irony in -- and the straightforwardness of the gameplay makes each chapter breezy enough to get through at a decent tick while not being so simple that it hands you all the keys to the case you're working.

It's a blast to challenge your dickhead, corrupt rival lawyer in court and call bullshit on sketchy witnesses that testify on the stand. For first-timers, file Phoenix Wright to "games you'll sink four hours into before you realize time has passed at all. It's a solid 8 out of 10, given Bethesda's track record of using high velocity slugs to disfigure hell demons and Nazi purists, and it's the only basic thing you could say about Rage's Hot Topic wasteland.

Damiana magical properties

Avalanche and id Software's high school prom baby is a freewheeling ghost whip through a post-apocalyptic power struggle that's teeming with mutant shitposters, swamp dogs, do-it-yourself Ts, and neon goons who are desperately trying to revive the Orange County zine era. The catch is that there isn't one -- it's just you, a few teched-out weapons and abilities, and a seamless open world that trades in character subplots for id's FPS mayhem and the vehicular chaos that made Mad Max an exposition on what you can accomplish with road rage and a harpoon.

It's not as fleshed out as it should be for the genre it rallies behind, but Rage 2 is the definition of an afternoon delight and an easygoing segue into the Doom Slayer's new kinks. Release date: January 25 PS4 , Xbox One , PC 's Resident Evil 2 was a cultural phenomenon; 's Resident Evil 2 is Capcom's attempt at hitting everyone with a noise complaint for yelling about some trenchcoat-wearing bogeyman who views race walking as an American pastime.

Claire is still a leather-clad badass; Leon still looks like he belongs on the cover of Bop Magazine; and in between all the awkward flirting and cheesy one-liners is a renewed passion for collectibles, sound design, and survival horror that uses perfectly detailed environments to scare you senseless. In its plus hours, you'll take on the role of a loyal shinobi who is left for dead in the late s Sengoku-era of Japan.

What follows is a lonesome revenge tale in a visually breathtaking world that invites curiosity, exploration, and lore-mongering. But being a FromSoftware game, it severs itself from the "Soulsborne" genre to subject you to a different kind of heartless that emphasizes patience and precision. That invitation is what makes Shadows Die Twice one of the most compelling video games of this past decade. Its white-knuckled combat forgoes stat builds and arms you with a single katana, a grappling hook, and a modular prosthetic arm, forcing you to study the ins and outs of parrying and how all three tools correlate with timing, spacing, and movement.

When that finally clicks, Sekiro wastes no time in rewarding you with some dope anime-esque ninja shit.

How Will ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ Factor Into That Insane ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Cliffhanger?

It's a weird, unforgiving, and downright harrowing game, but it's an example of how a director and a studio can challenge their own values and principles to compose a complete work of art. Every single run demands an appreciation for experimentation, and just when you think you've figured everything out, it rewrites itself just to make you squirm.

It's daunting, but on mechanics alone, Spire is one of the year's most captivating timesinks. Chompette or not, Mario Maker 2 is an unrivaled masterpiece embracing Nintendo's weirder chapters to see what you can do with a blank canvas and an everlasting bucket of wide-eyed imagination. Release date: February 13 Switch It's and there's a Tetris battle royale game.

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Not only is Tetris 99 one of the more ingenious ideas of the past half decade, it shows that Nintendo is still driven to introduce us to a Lynchian brand of weird that we never knew we needed in our games. Just to access the creek each day, the miners must face wild animals and zip-line through a foot canyon. Even tough their mining careers have taken a few major hits, nothing will stop their quest for gold.

Coloring 'Dreams of Dragons' My pretty blues. Part 3 / Prismacolor pencils

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Sometimes that person offers answers. Sometimes, questions. What is human society and where is it going?

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What do we truly have in common? He exudes a magical combination of charisma and humility, intelligence and down-to-earth-ness, curiosity and tranquility.

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Freeman takes us from anecdote to anecdote, and the theme has no choice but to create a mosaic from the pieces. Sometimes people have fascinating stories but little talent for articulating them, and it can make you wish for a scripted element that tells those stories in more compelling language.