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That left Shannon to carry the torch alone.

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And with both sides already at war and millions of dollars already spent it would have been almost impossible to back out. Q: Was this case a straightforward sex discrimination case?

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A: The case was fairly straightforward. But it was fought incredibly hard. In the end, it was not resolved until the Supreme Court ruled in the VMI matter that women had an equal right to march. One year later — a year after Shannon Faulkner dropped out — four women started with the freshman class.

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Two of them dropped out at Christmas, charging that they had been hazed. The subsequent year twenty or more women started as Citadel freshmen and now college officials say that admissions numbers are up across the board.

Q: How has the Shannon Faulkner suit changed or affected other single-sex institutions in this country? But in fact there are no signs of that. The systems that we have in place are pretty good at differentiating between the public and the private spheres. So more than anything I think this case served as a warning, or maybe even as a swan song for those who think they can keep the clocks turned back. Still, there are a few final frontiers. The language of the law was not changed in the VMI decision. Today, just as it was before, women are allowed equal rights under something called "intermediate scrutiny," a term which means that courts should look at charges of discrimination on the basis of gender with special attention but not quite the "strict scrutiny" allowed in cases of race.

The distinction is important, and perhaps best understood in a military context. Female soldiers and aviators are not allowed to take part in combat missions, for example. Though in reality the unique requirements of modern military operations sometimes now make that distinction blur, the language of the law has been preserved because it gives judges the latitude to take such biological differences such as pregnancy into account. If it had been granted, the fallout from the case would have been far broader. Instead, the Supreme Court reinforced existing lines.

Is this policy changing? The Pentagon will be examining the language of that rule — and its effectiveness — for the next 90 days. But where that matter intersects with The Citadel is not so much in the policy itself as in the grossness with which it encourages lies within a system that is supposedly committed to honor and integrity.

If he "came out" in the course of challenging his accusers he would have likely been punished by being expelled from the service himself. Only by remaining silent was he allowed to hold his job.

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At The Citadel, cadets who complain about hazing are almost always subjected to intensified abuse. Like the slain soldier, victims — especially freshmen — who object to their treatment are almost invariably further victimized. That dynamic gives them several choices. They could leave, and be branded a coward or failure. They could make their complaint and suffer escalated abuse. Or they can keep quiet and hope it all just goes away. But silence carries the cost of allowing the abuse to continue, indeed almost to seem condoned.

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Q: Hazing is something that freshmen students in colleges and universities across the country endure. What sort of hazing went on at the Citadel? Does it still occur? A: It would take a full day to answer that question and at the end of it you would only have a list of disturbing and obscene events that even the victims would probably deny had ever happened.

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Suffice it to say that three separate internal reviews have described a system that consistently deprives freshmen of food and sleep, singles out sick or weak cadets for intensified harassment, and encourages meaningless and sometimes sadistic rituals that leave students so weak, exhausted and disoriented in their first year that they are almost impossible to teach. Some graduates describe the torment as "necessary medicine" on a path to the closest relationships they will form in all their lives. But to me the record of this behavior is only tragic.

Boys — and now girls — who arrive at those gates hoping for honor, achievement and self-discipline deserve something better than a system that promises structure but delivers degradation and verbal and sometimes physical abuse. The new president, John Grinalds, has promised reforms. Q: What do you think of the recent spate of violence in schools and institutions that has been erupting across the country?

A: A student I spoke with recently in New York City made an interesting observation about violence among people her same age. She was talking about hazing at her high school and made the comment that the kids she worried about most were not the ones who were physically hurt or even beaten up by school bullies but those who felt entirely left out. The kids who got hurt, she said, at least felt that they were a part of something. They felt that they belonged. The Citadel provides that same dynamic and reward. I think it is our challenge as adults to identify those kids wherever they are and however they came to that pass and try to listen and establish deep connections.

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It sounds simple. As a species we have long established our identity in our differences. Our challenge now is to find the ties that bind, and honor those as well. Q: What more can the government do to help eradicate sexism and hate? A: Sound laws fairly and consistently applied go a long way in that. If our laws are just and their observance consistent then the rest of the struggle is really up to each of us, at our dinner tables, with our children, with our friends and in our own hearts.

A government cannot dictate morality. Nor can it decree harmony. But it can and must be strong enough to identify and live up to its stated ideals. In America those ideals have long since been written. Any citizen has just to stroll through Washington, D. Q: What is next on the horizon for you? Read An Excerpt. Manegold By Catherine S. Manegold Best Seller. Paperback —. Add to Cart.

About Catherine S. Manegold Catherine S. Product Details. Inspired by Your Browsing History. The Ultimate Art of War. Antony Cummins.

A Guest of the Reich. The Bell of Treason. The Walls Have Ears. The Art of War. Call Sign Chaos. But according to Le Figaro, A l'ombre de moi-meme is the latest in a worrying trend of "non-books" - packaged interviews of famous people that are guaranteed popular success but have no literary merit and discourage true authors. Not all the critics are as harsh. Le Nouvel Observateur, which includes an interview with Deneuve, warns readers not to look for juicy backstage gossip - although there is a section on working with Bjork, whom she describes as "irrational and unmanageable".

The actress says as much in the book's preface: "Get ready for very little. Laure Adler, head of the high-brow radio station France Culture, which will broadcast interviews with Deneuve next week, praised her "instinct for freedom and hunger for existence". But she never intended it to be a polished work. It is a document of fragmentary, uncensored thoughts of a fragile actress constantly questioning herself and searching for the truth. Deneuve, who has never performed in the theatre due to stage fright, confessed to being worried about the impact of her work.

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