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She always hooks me up! These are such great ideas!

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I think crocheted easter baskets are so unique—in fact this is the first time I have seen them. I think any child would love waking up and seeing a crocheted easter basket on Easter morning! These are such unique and adorable baskets. I have never seen a crocheted Easter Basket before—what a treat that would be for any child to see on Easter morning! I love crocheting but I am not this advanced! I thought I could only do blankets…. Try a YouTube tutorial where they walk you through the process.

This is so cute and so fun! I would love to learn how to do this. Would make great gifts themselves filled with goodies! OMG I love the rabbit, frog, chick baskets where their head is the basket and they still have their full body! Oh fun! I just started crocheting and when I get better at it, I totally want to try these patterns. Your email address will not be published. The writers at BabytoBoomer. Products from Amazon. Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Solids Yarn, 1. Red Heart E Price: Out of stock.

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Buy now at Amazon. Easter Crochet: Crochet Pattern. Easter Bears Amigurumi Crochet Pattern. Crocheted Flowers Twenty to Make. Small Easter Basket Crochet Pattern.

Easter Rabbit Amigurumi Crochet pattern. Easter Chicklet and Ducklings: Crochet Pattern. NOT a finished item. This is a Crochet Animal Egg-stravaganza.

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Hoppel- the drunken Easter Bunny: Crochet Pattern. A Crochet Garden in Spring, Book 1. A Crochet Garden in Spring, Book 2. Birds of a Feather Afghan Crochet Pattern. Easter Knits. Big Bunny Knitting Pattern. Bunny Knit Pattern.

Easter Bunny Bib Crochet Pattern. Bunny Rabbit Pattern. Last updated on September 27, am. About The Author.

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Connie on April 13, at pm. Amber Nelson on April 13, at pm. Heather on April 13, at pm. Sarah on April 13, at am. These baskets are adorable! Aish Das-Padihari on April 12, at pm. Love them. Anvita on April 12, at pm. I am not as creative a you but I really like this idea. These are super cute. Blythe Alpern on April 12, at pm. I love all the little extra details like the carrots and flowers. Cindy ingalls on April 12, at pm. Dawn McAlexander on April 12, at am. All patterns are translated from Norwegian and you can always check the original pattern DROPS Baby for measurements and calculations.

Are you having trouble following the pattern? See below for a list of resources to help you finish your project in no time - or why not, learn something new. Each of our patterns has specific tutorial videos to help you. See 16 relevant videos here.

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Knitting tension is what determines the final measurements of your work, and is usually measured per 10 x 10 cm. You adjust the knitting tension with the needle size, which is why the suggested needle size only serve as a guide! You need to adjust this up or down to ensure that YOUR knitting tension matches the knitting tension provided in the pattern.

If you work with a different knitting tension than provided you will have a different yarn consumption, and your work will have different measurements than what the pattern suggests. The knitting tension also determines which yarns can replace each other. As long as you achieve the same knitting tension you can replace one yarn with another.

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All our yarns are categorised into yarn groups from A to F according to thickness and knitting tension — group A contains the thinnest yarns and group F the thickest. This makes it easier for you to find alternative yarns to our patterns, should you wish to switch yarn. All yarns within the same group have a similar knitting tension and can easily replace each other. However, different yarn qualities have different structures and properties which will give the finished work a unique look and feel.

Click here for an overview of the yarns in each yarn group.