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This enrages Homunculus in turn and just before they transform into the Stone again, they curse Wolfgang "to suffer the eternal night of youth" the blessing of eternal youth but saddled with perpetually recurring amnesia thus filling the room with smoke and lightning. Once the air clears, Wolfgang Wagner's younger self is revealed to in fact actually be Eike himself it is subtly hinted earlier in the game in a conversation between Eike and Helena on her deathbed shortly before her death, that Helena finds that Eike's voice sounds shockingly similar to Wolfgang's.

Over the course of the next several centuries, Eike then becomes an immortal wanderer who permanently loses all his long-term memories on a regular periodic basis. Ending E: Eike asks Dana, the actual Margarete Wagner his biological daughter, based on Ending D, though neither is aware of this , to return with him to the present in which she grew up, and she agrees. She is held hostage by Hugo again, neither of them nor Eike are aware of their true relation to each other. Eike goes to get Margarete and brings her to the present, where she slaps and scolds Hugo.

Tearfully, she tells him she can try and be more like their mother was to them and take care of them both. Hugo apologizes, then returns to the past with Margarete, who had managed to warn Eike about Hugo's plans. Eike and Dana are then about to intimately share a tender embrace but are suddenly interrupted by Homunculus. After a brief conversation in which Eike returns the digipad to Homunculus, Eike walks Dana back to her apartment.

In a flashback, it is shown that Homunculus made Wagner disappear possibly killing him , after he had wished never to see the creature again.

It is possible this is not actually a flashback, but an epilogue, revealing what happens after Eike gives Dr. Wagner the Stone, which contains the Homunculus he sealed away in another timeline. This also explains how Eike is able to encounter Homunculus in the ruins of Wagner's house after the experiment fails and why they did not recognize him.

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EX Ending: This has two variations. Awakening from his first death with all his memories, Eike gets the red stone from the diner before Dana comes looking for him.

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Both result in Eike fading away. Regardless of either choice, the final scene is the same. A young man who resembles Eike is walking through the streets in present-day and struck down like before. The object turns out to be a soccer ball that hit him, and the man returns the ball to a boy similar in appearance to Hugo.

In , the now-defunct Runecraft company ported it to the PC , [7] while an Xbox port appeared simultaneously in Europe and Australasia; a PlayStation Portable port arrived in The PlayStation 2 version received "favorable" reviews, while the PC and PSP versions received "mixed or average reviews" according to video game review aggregator Metacritic. Reviewers praised the overall plot of the PS2 version as the game's strength. The graphics of the PS2 version received mixed responses. Sanders found the textures of the game "clean and detailed".

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Critics commented on the general absence of action in the gameplay. The game's soundtrack was well received. Critics wrote that it suited the mood [1] and occasionally helped to build suspense. After Shadow of Memories , Kawano wrote and directed another game with a time-traveling element: the Nintendo DS title Time Hollow ; [31] [32] it focuses on seventeen-year-old Ethan Kairos, who awakens in a world where his parents have been missing for twelve years, and his quest to find them.


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EU : September 27, Retrieved February 13, Retrieved February 12, Retrieved May 29, Adventure Gamers. Retrieved February 14, Shadows of Destiny Series. Enter a world shrouded by magic and darkness. Where the one who holds the most power has the sharpest teeth. Where a good grip on a sword is crucial to survival. A world where witches can make the very earth shake beneath your feet, sorcerers plot war against the Underworld, and vampires stalk the night, driven by bloodlust. Light and dark fae, dr… More. Book 1. Destiny Divided by Leia Shaw. Want to Read.

Shelving menu. Shelve Destiny Divided. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Rate it:. Book 2. While its sequel has moved more in the direction of space opera, the original had a foot firmly planted in retro-futurist space exploration aesthetics and the broad optimism that comes with them.

Things might be bad in Destiny 's far-flung future, and evil may lurk under the moon's surface, but space is full of possibility. It's a joyful place to be, and walking on the crisp lunar surface, you're meant to be reminded of humanity's real history of space exploration and the feeling of hope that it brings. In Destiny , the moon was a place of awe. In Destiny 2: Shadowkeep , Bungie's first major game expansion since its break with Activision, the developer allows players to return to the moon. But Shadowkeep 's moon isn't a place of awe. It's a place of trauma. In the marginalia of Destiny 's storytelling, which is where most of its story craft has resided until now, there's an event called the Great Disaster that looms large over the moon's history.

During the event, thousands of Guardians—the same superpowered beings as the player character—died during a failed invasion of the moon's enemy territory. In Shadowkeep , the Great Disaster has returned, as a host of ghosts from the tragedy dot the lunar landscape. The specters of these dead Guardians will ask for vengeance, cry out for salvation, or else just watch; shadows of your own character hanging dead in the sky, eyes down.

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The past returns in Shadowkeep in more familiar ways, too. Old bosses from the first game's moon location and the raid set there, Crota's End, return. Much of Shadowkeep 's storyline is a retread of familiar locales and foes. Instead of a nostalgic vacation to days of gaming past, Shadowkeep explicitly renders this, too, as traumatic. These are not resurrected enemies but weaponized memories, living nightmares that need to be vanquished in order for the storyline to move forward. Whereas many players remember these encounters fondly, in the game they're only considered as sites of horror.

This gesture doesn't critique the violence of Destiny —the fact that the game relies on killing things ad infinitum—but it does consider that, in the universe of Destiny , this violence leaves marks.